Our next meeting is on Thursday the 30th January 2020.

Last night was the first meeting of 2020 when we heard three completely different speeches - an excellent start to 2020.


To encourage members to make greater use of their smart phones (mobile phones), the first speaker described a number of phone apps and how to use them to make life easier and to get greater benefits from owning a smart phone.


Fruit Forests was the title of the second speech which was a fascinating description of unique forests in various parts of the world where all trees, bushes and plants were edible fruit bearing. The speaker described in detail the order in which the trees were planted and the various scents, colour's and fruits produced in the forest.


Our third speaker described a holiday sailing on the Rhine and the various sights and places visited.

All three speeches were evaluated by fellow members with help and guidance offered where appropriate.

After the break we had our Topics Session when members are given a subject (without prior warning) on which they attempt to speak for up to three minutes. This is to help us develop the techniques of impromptu speaking.

An enjoyable night where we were both entertained and educated. We also had two visitors  came along, with no requirement to join in, to see what happens at our club. Why don't you come along one night as a visitor - you might find you enjoy it and you will make new friends.

Our next meeting is on January 30th when there will be another selection of speeches and topics in a friendly, welcoming environment.  Why not come along as a guest - you won't be asked to do anything, just sit back and enjoy.  Simply turn up and we'll make you welcome.

                            What have you got to lose?

We meet every second Thursday in Room 3 at 7:00pm, in Johnstone Town Hall, 25 Church Street.

Put the date in your diary, in the meantime if you would like any information about our club please visit our website at www.renfrewspeakersclub.org

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                           We hope to see you soon. 


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