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Do you panic when asked to speak in public? 

You can speak confidently in front of others! Why not make 2023 the year you develop your Communication Skills and also make new friends? Put a reminder in your diary to visit us on the 28th September and see for yourself how we can help you?  Remember our meetings now start at 19:30.

Renfrewshire Speakers Club, is a mixed independent club based in Johnstone Town Hall, and is the perfect place to learn how to speak in front of others and to gain the confidence to do it effectively, whether at a social occasion, a  

business presentation or an interview. The skills and experience you will develop will be invaluable to you in all walks of life.

Today, as never before, the ability to stand up and speak with confidence is a necessary skill for those who wish to progress and develop.  We will help you to acquire the skills needed to construct and deliver a logical, sensible speech, to use good effective language, and to gain and hold contact with your audience.  If you wish, you can also work towards a Certificate of Competence in Speaking in Public.  Something of value to add to your CV.


If you are asked to make a business presentation with PowerPoint or Visual Aids, we can teach that skill.

If you are asked to chair a meeting, we teach that skill.

If you are asked to speak at a wedding or dinner, we teach that skill.

If you are expected to use a microphone, we teach that skill too!

We meet every second Thursday evening from September to April, why not come along and learn new skills in a friendly, helpful club.

You have nothing to lose and, who knows, a great deal to gain!!​

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