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Do you panic when asked to speak in public? 

It's completely normal to feel nervous when asked to speak in public, especially if you're just starting.


Many successful speakers, including some of our members, once felt the same way. The great news is that these feelings can be overcome with practice and guidance.


Our club is a safe and supportive environment where you can develop your public speaking skills at your own pace.

We will help you to acquire the skills needed to construct and deliver a logical, sensible speech, to use good effective language, and to gain and hold contact with your audience.

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Empower Your Voice, Inspire Your Audience

If you wish, you can also work towards a Certificate of Competence in Speaking in Public which will stand out on your CV.

We can also help you with:

  • Creating business presentations with PowerPoint.

  • Chairing meetings effectively.

  • Speaking at special events, like weddings or dinners.

  • Using microphones confidently.

We meet every second Thursday evening from September to April, why not come along and learn new skills in a friendly, helpful club.

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You have nothing to lose and, who knows, a great deal to gain!

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