Would you like to improve your Communication Skills? 


You can speak confidently in front of others!  Why not make a 2020 Resolution to improve

your Communication Skills. Come to one of our club nights and see how we can help you!


Renfrewshire Speakers Club, a mixed, independent club based in Johnstone Town Hall, is the perfect way to learn how to speak in front of others and to gain the confidence to speak effectively.  Whether a social occasion, a business presentation or an interview, the skills and experience you will gain will be of immense benefit to you.


Today, as never before, the ability to stand up and speak with confidence is a skill which those who wish to progress and develop will need to acquire. We teach and practise these skills in a friendly and supportive manner in our independent, mixed gender, speakers club.


We can take you through a 10 stage progression in which you will acquire the skills to construct a logical, sensible speech, use good effective language and gain, and hold, contact with your audience.  At the end of the process you will be awarded a Certificate of Competence in Speaking in Public.  Something of value to add to your CV.

Diary date: Next Club Meeting is on Thursday 30th January at 7:00pm in Room 3, Johnstone Town Hall

                     Why not come and visit us, you have nothing to lose and, who knows, a great deal to gain!!

 email: RSCenquiries@gmail.com

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:Find us in Johnstone Town Hall, 
25 Church Street, Johnstone. PA5 8FA