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Hello again, my name is Margaret Cowie, and I’m the President of Renfrewshire Speakers Club. Today I have an important date for your diary, its the 15th September at 19:00 hrs, just six weeks from now!. That's when we start up again for our Autumn session in Johnstone Town Hall.   

Margaret Cowie
RSC President

It was only a few years ago that I felt the way you probably feel now when you're asked to "say a few words" perhaps at a business event or a family function. Absolutely petrified! That's when I joined the Speakers Club, a mixed independent organisation, because I had very little confidence in myself and my abilities. won’t pretend it was easy. At first, I was literally dumbstruck when asked to speak. Rigid with fear.


But gradually with patience, advice, encouragement and much kindness from fellow Speakers I have learned to overcome this hindrance in my personal development and it has changed my world in ways I would never have dreamed. I can honestly say that being a member of our Speakers Club has changed my life. It has made me the person I am today.  More confident, ready to step up, and take office.   


Perhaps this is the time for you to develop your communication skills in a friendly, helpful, environment. Why not give it some thought and come along to see how we can help you. I look forward to welcoming you to Renfrewshire Speakers Club in September.  In the meantime we have attached the last of our four part tutorials to whet your appetite. I wish you a heathy, enjoyable, summer.  

Our fourth, and last, Mini Tutorial is Engaging with your Audience. If you would like a copy of previous tutorials please email RSCenquiries@gmail.com

You have drafted your speech, rehearsed and polished it, checked out the venue, PA Systems etc etc and now the big day had arrived, you’re ready to deliver to your audience.


There are a few things to think about.

First of all, if you’re delivering a business or technical speech do you want to take questions as you go along or would you rather wait until you have finished speaking? You might want to make that clear at the very beginning of your speech.


Do you intend to have a handout, summarising the main points of your speech, for your audience? If so it might be better to distribute them when you have finished speaking, otherwise you risk the audience reading your notes rather than listening to you.


If you plan to use a visual aid, whether it’s a video or an object, remember that everyone in the room must be able to see it clearly and similarly, everyone in the room must be able to hear you clearly. So the basic rules are - head up, speak out, and slow down. Remember to pause briefly at the end of each of your main points to give your audience time to absorb what you have said.


Finally, when you approach the lectern take time to settle yourself and your notes, take a deep breath and select someone at the back of the audience to project your voice to. However, you also have to engage with all of your audience, so try to constantly scan the audience to make them all feel involved. We call this making eye contact.


You may feel there’s a lot to remember, in addition to the content of your speech. That’s where Renfrewshire Speakers Club can help. Members can use the Club as a ‘practice audience’ to help highlight and eliminate any concerns e.g. does it flow smoothly, are there any distracting habits and so on. Our members are a friendly, helpful group who will provide (if you wish) constructive comments, guidance, and generally give you the confidence to deliver an effective, memorable speech.


                                                       GOOD LUCK


This website has additional information about our Club including our email address,
Meeting dates etc.  We look forward to meeting you and you’ll be made very welcome. You've got nothing to lose and a great deal to gain!

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