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Bill Leeming
RSC President

Do any of the situations at the bottom of this page seem familiar? They all have one thing in common – the need to speak to a group of people! For some this comes naturally, for many it’s the start of sleepless nights worrying about how to prepare and deliver an effective performance.  

Not surprising when the outcome could affect future prospects, help land a new job, or simply to enjoy, rather than dread, a social occasion e.g. a family wedding. It can probably be summed up in one word – NERVES!

You’re not alone, all of our members had the same concerns when they first came to RSC. Normally we would invite you to a club meeting to see for yourself how we can help you gain the confidence to speak in public. 


Unfortunately our club meetings are suspended meantime due to COVID restrictions. Instead, as a taster for you of what we do in our club, we will have a series of 4 RSC Fortnightly Mini Tutorials on this page until things get back to normal.


The Mini Tutorials will be in three sections: Preparation, Delivery Techniques and Engaging with your Audience. In the Contacts page of this website you’ll find an email address which you can use if you have any questions or comments on each tutorial. If you would like a subject included let us know.

Our third Mini Tutorial is Delivery Part 2. If you would like a copy of previous tutorials please email RSCenquiries@gmail.com

So far you have the date and time for your speech, you know the subject you have been asked to talk about, and hopefully you now have a polished speech ready to go. You’ve had a rehearsal (or two) in front of a mirror or with a friend, and you are confident you will keep to the time given and have removed any ‘tongue twisters’. 


Now we can discuss Delivery in more detail. In advance of your speech date it’s a good idea to arrange to visit the room/hall where you will deliver your speech.


Things to check include: are you working from a platform, will everyone in your audience be able to see you, (and any multi media or visual aids you may be using) – and can you see them?  Have previous speakers used a microphone and if so, has one been arranged for your visit?


Have you the freedom to move around as you speak or are you expected to speak from a fixed position, for example from a top table perhaps with other guests?


A table/floor lectern is very useful as this makes using your notes much easier for you, and less distracting for your audience.  Also check the room lighting – its important that you can read your notes from wherever you’re standing.


Finally, if you are using Multi-Media/PowerPoint/Video, check for a nearby working electrical socket.  It’s also a good idea to keep a spare extension lead in your car, just in case. Another ‘must do’ is to check that any equipment you plan to take with you is working before you leave home. This includes a laptop, projector, spare batteries if required, extension leads, and of course don't forget your notes.


It all comes under one simple heading; Practice makes Perfect and that goes beyond simply writing your speech.


It creates a good impression if, when you are introduced, you can stand up and deliver the first paragraph of your speech without reference to your notes. Another item to rehearse!


Next time we’ll discuss Engaging with your Audience


                                              GOOD LUCK


This website has all our contact information, why not get in touch or visit one night – what have you got to lose?

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