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    Welcome to Renfrewshire Speakers Club
     Where people of all abilities learn to speak confidently in public

This is the last time I'll welcome you to our Website as our next meeting is our AGM followed by our regular Club Night. We close then for our summer break. Although our Committee will change shortly the problem we try to address remains the same. We've all, at some time, been asked to 'say a few words' with no prior warning? 

Margaret Cowie
RSC President

We've all been in that situation - worried about speaking in public. So why not come along to our next meeting on the 6th April (last before our summer break), and see for yourself how we can help you to develop/improve your communication skills in a friendly, helpful, club. 


You won't be asked to do anything, just enjoy the evening and join us for a coffee. If you feel nervous about speaking in public you will see for yourself how we can help you to relax. I hope to welcome you at our next meeting - remember we are a mixed club so why not bring your partner or a friend. 

 Run a Training Session

 Propose a Wedding Toast

 "Say a few words"

   A Job Interview

 A Business Presentation

 Chairing a Meeting

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