Welcome to Renfrewshire Speakers Club

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Bill Leeming
RSC President

Do any of the situations at the bottom of this page seem familiar? They all have one thing in common – the need to speak to a group of people! For some this comes naturally, for many it’s the start of sleepless nights worrying about how to prepare and deliver an effective performance.  

Not surprising when the outcome could affect future prospects, help land a new job, or simply to enjoy, rather than dread, a social occasion e.g. a family wedding. It can probably be summed up in one word – NERVES!

You’re not alone, all of our members had the same concerns when they first came to RSC. Normally we would invite you to a club meeting to see for yourself how we can help you gain the confidence to speak in public. 


Unfortunately our club meetings are suspended meantime due to COVID restrictions. We look forward to welcoming you personally as soon as Covid constraints are relaxed.


In the meantime this website has information about our Club including our contact information. Watch this space for opening dates  

 Run a Training Session

 Propose a Wedding Toast

 "Say a few words"

   A Job Interview

 A Business Presentation

 Chairing a Meeting