Welcome to Renfrewshire Speakers Club
     Where people of all abilities learn to speak confidently in public

Margaret Cowie
RSC President

Hello, my name is Margaret Cowie, and I’m the new President of Renfrewshire Speakers Club. It was only a few years ago that I felt the way most people do when asked to speak in public whether at a business event or a family function. Petrified! I joined the Speakers Club because I had very little confidence in myself and my abilities.   

won’t pretend it was easy. At first, I was literally dumbstruck when asked to speak. Rigid with fear. But gradually with patience, advice, encouragement and much kindness from fellow Speakers I have learned to overcome this hindrance in my personal development and it has changed my world in ways I would never have dreamed. I can honestly say that being a member of our Speakers Club has changed my life. It has made me the person I am today.  More confident, ready to step up, and take office.   


I look forward to welcoming you to Renfrewshire Speakers Club when we return in September however in the meantime, starting in June on this page, we’ll have a series of mini-tutorials, changed each month, to whet your appetite. I wish you a heathy, enjoyable, summer.  


All of our members are at different stages in working through our 10 point plan to develop their speaking skills.  We are a small friendly club and we all look forward to meeting you when we start up again on September 15th. Why not put a reminder in your diary?

Perhaps you're thinking this is not for you?   Do any of the situations at the bottom of this page seem familiar?   They all have one thing in common – the need to speak to a group of people!  For some this comes naturally, for many it’s the start of sleepless nights worrying about how to prepare and deliver an effective performance.   It can probably be summed up in one word – NERVES!


Not surprising, when this could range from being asked to deliver a Business Presentation at work, or a Job Interview to a social occasion such as Father of the Bride or at a Family Anniversary.


Clearly the outcome could affect your future prospects, help land a new job, or simply help you to enjoy, rather than dread, a social occasion e.g. a family wedding. 

You’re not alone: all of our members had the same concerns when they first came to RSC.  I would like to invite you to any of our club meetings to see for yourself how we can help you gain the confidence to speak in public. 


This website has additional information about our Club including our email address etc.  We look forward to meeting you and you’ll be made very welcome. You've got nothing to lose and a great deal to gain!

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