Do you work in the Public Sector?

Do you work in the Private Sector?

Are you retired, looking for a new interest?

In your day to day business are you ever asked to:

Address a public meeting?

Speak at short notice on behalf of your organisation?

Address staff on process changes?

Organise and run training events?

Chair meetings - perhaps with parents or the general public?

Work with cross department groups?

Address seminars?

Host visits from external groups?

... feel nervous, not quite sure how to prepare - we can help

In your day to day business are you ever asked to:

Speak at a Business Seminar?

Deliver a Product Presentation, perhaps using Powerpoint?

Speak to a Meeting of Suppliers or Customers?

Stand in at short notice to propose a Vote of Thanks?

"Sell" your organisation to a group of important visitors?

Make a public appeal for help e.g. as a Charity?

Introduce important guests to your organisation?

... not quite sure where to begin, how to build on your skills - we can help

Perhaps you've joined the committee of your golf/bowling club etc and may be required to make a speech e.g. at the  Club Dinner

Maybe you will be asked to make a speech at a family gathering / wedding

Have you joined a local community group and plan to take an active part in their business?

You may be asked to speak at any number of functions in your area.


Make a public appeal for help for a Charity?

Or maybe you are simply looking for a new hobby where you can meet new friends. 


If standing up to speak at any event makes you nervous - we can help.


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