For over 40 years Renfrewshire Speakers Club has taught the techniques and skills of using your voice when speaking in a group or in public using a ten step process. Today these skills are more essential than ever in business, for pleasure, or for making your thoughts and views heard.


For many people these skills are most important at interview or for making business presentations.

In our club we teach these key skills by setting tasks for each element and by measuring how well the task has been delivered. We do this by having each student make a speech demonstrating each individual skill taught.

If asked to make a business presentation with PowerPoint or slides, we can teach that skill.

If asked to chair a meeting, we teach that skill.

If asked to speak at a wedding or dinner, we teach that skill.

If expected to use a microphone, we teach that skill too!

We meet every second Thursday evening in Johnstone Town Hall, from September to April so why not come and join us and learn new skills in a friendly club. 

 email: RSCenquiries@gmail.com

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:Find us in Johnstone Town Hall, 
25 Church Street, Johnstone. PA5 8FA